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Western Suburbs Melbourne

The Western suburbs is composed of municipalities namely: Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Melton, Moonee Valley, and Wyndham.

The Western Suburbs of Melbourne is a very culture-rich region. It’s a great place to start your family and raise your kids.

Western Region is also rich in the natural environment. The Western and Derrimut Grassland Reserves and wetlands along with the extensive coastline and inland waterways of Werribee and Maribyrnong make up the biodiversity of the region protected under the Ramsar convention.

How to Find the Best Newborn Photographer in Western Suburbs Melbourne

Life is about creating memories, and the best way to reminisce those is a photograph. It is a piece of time frozen in a piece of paper. Twenty to 30 years ago, only the elite and royalty would consider baby photography as a necessity but now it has become part of our lives – not to mention made affordable. This is a new field in photography is a distinct millennial phenomenon.

You can’t compare your childhood photo to your Facebook my day selfie when it comes to quality. Through the help of advanced technology, you can enhance an image in an instant. Shoot with a filter to make the colour pop. And mobile phones have the same output as the cameras.

That gives birth to a very competitive market. Creativity and style become someone’s signature in the market. You can easily know who shoot the photo by just looking at it.

Finding one that sooth your taste would be difficult.

Here are some points that you would consider before hiring one.

Does the photographer specialize in the newborn photography field?

Tech companies are now on a mission to make smartphones work as professional cameras. They aim is to make the consumer feel that they can have the same quality as the picture taken by a professional photographer on the mobile phone. That is not the case in newborn photography.

Newborn photography is a specialty. Why? You need a lot of things to consider before doing the photoshoot from hypoallergenic props to dealing with their poop. You can’t tell them to do anything. Though they are adorable and cute, you can’t predict a picture-perfect smile.

Creativity, along with candidness, can help depicts the sensual feeling that a newborn child has. That is why it would take a lot of time and patience for an experienced photographer to know the workaround of a newborn baby.

How long does newborn photographer practice in this field?

Skills are not polished overnight. It takes a lot of effort and hard work. creativity and ingenuity are the product of trial and error. In professional photography, various skills are needed but newborn photography has one important rule: Your baby’s safety. It is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and the welfare of the baby as well as the parents. That’s the reason why they are highly trained in the field.

Babies are sensitive to anything. From your cologne to the lighting in the room. They can get cranky at any time. A great photographer can hold, comfort, soothe, pose, wrap the baby, feed and clean up, even with the parents present.

Is the newborn photographer running a legitimate business?

Running a legitimate business means you must register on the trade council, pay taxes, and get insurance. This includes registered Melbourne newborn photographers. This means your business is trustworthy and safe. If anything happened (heaven forbid!) during the photoshoot, you and your baby would have insurance to cover the necessary things that need payment. 

Also, you can get information and feedback regarding their services in the community. And if you like their services, you can refer them to anyone with confidence.

Why Lily of the Valley Photography?

Memorable moments captured by a photo is a lifetime keep. Capturing those moments is the fundamental role of a photographer. They are committed to providing top notch quality, special service and professionalism on all their clientele.

A passion turns to profession, Febrina is a registered nurse by training before deciding to focus on photography. She has been taking photographs for 10 years and 4 years of it is for newborn photography. She also does maternity photography to capture precious moments before the little one arrives.

The online and one-on-one workshop help her develop her skill. As a mum, she makes sure that the props she uses are child-friendly. So, she handmade most of them. She kept her CPR training up to date as well.

Rest assured that your baby’s safety is the number one priority during the session. She is located near the Western Suburbs Melbourne which makes her convenient to work with for those who are in the west region.

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