Cool Ways To Announce Pregnancy

Maternity Studio Photoshoot Melbourne

Pregnancies have never been more fun, and what better way to announce pregnancy than hiring a maternity photographer to do a photo shoot?

Enjoyable and awesome pregnancy announcements, creative maternity photo shoots, and artistic gender reveals are just some of the excitements expectant parents look forward to, well other than welcoming the baby itself.

No one can really pinpoint who, when, and where these “fads” when it comes to pregnancy started, but no one’s complaining. Pregnancy is such an incredible journey not only for the expectant parents to enjoy but for the family members and friends as well. 

Who should know first?

If you can’t wait to shout to the world the big news that is your pregnancy, make sure you have informed the most important people in your life first. Telling them personally is and will always be the best choice than them finding out on Facebook or Instagram, the same time your nosy co-worker knew. Obviously, your partner should be the first to know about the blessing coming into your lives. Tell him right away, with or without any gimmick, your partner will surely be over the moon. 

Cool Ways To Announce Pregnancy

With social media being present in our daily lives, looking for pregnancy announcement ideas is at your fingertips. Here are some cool ideas that are worthy to be shared on different social media platforms.

Partnering with a maternity photographer

For sure, a professional maternity photographer has had enough experience with pregnancy announcements that she already knows the ins and outs of such events.

Fun photoshoots will always be the top choice for expectant parents to share their big news with everybody. Creative photoshoots that reflect the parents’ personality will make your photos stand out. For example, a chef can choose a baking theme that says Bun in the Oven!”. Music lovers can say, “Rockin’ a chair in March 2020!” 

Only child status is expiring soon!

For those couples who are pregnant with their second babies, another cute idea is to have their eldest child hold a banner that says, “Only child status expiring soon!” This way, your first child will also feel excited and involved in the coming of the new baby. 

Christmas Cards

Family Christmas cards are also an excellent way to announce the new kicker in your tummy. A new baby on the road will add more warmth and joy to the already festive season.

Matching Shirts

Personalized matching items are also a big trend nowadays. From a couple shirts to couple watches, everybody loves them. So why not have a customized shirt that says Baby Coming Soon December 2020. Have them printed on your favourite coloured shirt and do an on the spot photoshoot or you can go to your favourite photographer to take your photos. You may opt to have a carefree photoshoot or a polished and themed one, depending on your taste. 

Announcement Party

Parties have always been fun, but announcing a new baby doubles the feeling of elation. Set up a party with your favourite food, drinks, and people. You can also prepare exciting games for your family and friends to enjoy and relax. This will not just be an announcement party but also a bonding moment for everyone to relish and reconnect. 

Safety First Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography South Melbourne Froggy Pose
Composite Newborn Froggy Pose

Safety first in newborn photography must be the top priority to consider before you lock in your newborn session photoshoot. Your chosen newborn photographer should be able to apply the best practise when handling you newborn during your photo session. Here are some points you need to pay attention to make sure safety is your most priority above everything when handling your newborn clients during photo shoot.


In newborn photography, Photographer’s Personal and prop hygiene is an absolute must. You must practise proper hand wash before and after your session. Keeping a tub of hospital grade sanitiser nearby to use throughout your session can also be handy. 

Make sure when the photo session is done, wash everything you have used; wraps, blankets, outfits etc. A thorough wipe down with antibacterial spray will be sufficient for your hard props. You don’t want to use a dirty or soiled prop for your next session. Having a few face towels stacks in your little moveable trolley nearby will be helpful. These little towels can be very useful to clean up little mess that may happy during your photo session. They can also be used as lifters or small fillers while posing your little bosses.

Handling Newborns

Photographers are highly encouraged to use safe handling practises, you need to ensure baby’s head is correctly supported. Props are weighed down to prevent tipping, spills and messes are cleaned immediately. Always make sure your studio is heated to the right temperature. Newborns don’t have the ability to sweat through their sweat glands yet because the sweat glands aren’t yet fully functional. Because of this as a photographer you need to watch for the signs of overheating on the baby. Signs of overheating can be manifested by erratic breathing, mottled skin, irritability, flushed face and sweaty around the neckline. When signs of overheating occurs, turn down the heating, remove the clothing or layers from baby ‘s body and give baby to the mother. Wait until their temperature and breathing have returned to normal.

Never place a newborn or baby in a prop that will break or shatter. Check your props for splinters and sharp edges – fix accordingly or discard. Never remove or disturb medical items such as tubes, bandages or belly button clamps. Never leave baby unattended on any surface. 

When posing newborns on bean bag or with props, always make sure baby’s airway is not blocked or constricted. Regularly check baby’s breathing and temperature. Keep an eye on their lips, hands and feet. You can also watch the signs of abnormalities by observing the color of their skin. If they start turning blue or purple, that means the oxygen or air circulation have been restricted.

It’s a good idea to have a spotter for newborn sessions (an assistant). They help provide an extra set of hands, especially for poses where two sets of hands are required. You can also advise parents to bring someone with them to help parents during the photo session.

Prevention and Precautions

Photographer or anyone in contact with young newborns should also keep up to date with vaccines. Particularly whopping cough and meningococcal is very important when working with newborns under 6 weeks of age. Newborn babies are so cute and adorable, but please refrain from kissing them. Although some giving them cuddles and gently rock them will help to soothe and calm them.

As photographer you need to tell your clients and anyone related to not to bring sick child the studio. By bringing sick kids to studio will risk spreading the illnesses with your next clients or your family. When the photographer is sick, you need to let client know and reschedule the photo shoot.


In the photography field, a composite is multiple images merged and blended into one, often used for amazing effects such digital backgrounds. Most importantly, they are used for newborn safety. There are multiple newborn poses that strictly rely on the use of composites such as a baby in a hammock or on a swing, froggy pose and many others. Most importantly, use your common sense; if it doesn’t look comfortable or safe, then it isn’t.

Studio Organisation: 

Keeping your studio organised at all times can prevent you and your clients from tripping over. You may need to rearrange the setting of your studio so that your clients don’t need to constantly walk through your set up. It’s also a good idea to tape down any backdrops to your floor to prevent tripping over. 

When you’re finished with any hard props, move them to the side away from walkways or put them back on the shelf. Keep a basket nearby but out of the way for any soiled or used soft props for washing, regularly discarding throughout the session when needed. 

Keep in mind where you place your softbox and ensure there’s enough space for everyone to walk around it freely without bumping into it or tripping over the legs. You may find that sandbags are a good way to prevent the softbox from tipping by placing them over the legs of the softbox. 

I also recommend keeping a storage caddy on wheels (ideally three-tiered) nearby to hold studio essentials such as a white noise gadget, cloths, posing beans, clamps, cuddle toys and other small bits and pieces you may need throughout the session. A storage caddy will also provide a safe resting place for your camera when not in use. 

Studio Maintenance: 

Keeping your studio maintained is another important factor. Your studio safety checklist should include checking power points, fire alarms and sprinklers, and any heating system you use to ensure they’re working properly. Keep a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher nearby. While there’s a big chance you may not need these, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

First Aid and CPR: 

If you’re working with newborns and young children, it’s extremely important to have background knowledge in first aid and CPR. Performing CPR on a newborn is different compare to performing CPR on an adult. This is vital knowledge to have. I absolutely recommend completing both a CPR course (newborn CPR included) and a first aid course prior to handling any newborn or young child. Insurance is also something to consider as this will protect the client and their young ones in the event of an accident. 

Hospital Bag Essentials

So, the big day is just around the corner. Are you ready with your hospital bag essentials? While you’re at it, it’s best to book a professional newborn photographer in Melbourne as well. Read on to know why.

Your baby might arrive earlier than expected. When is the good time to pack your hospital bag is up to you, but a good idea would be not later than 36 weeks of your pregnancy journey. It is the most probable time your baby would want to ease out into the big, wide world. 

As your big day approaches, activities left and right may overwhelm you. So before everything becomes awry, you have to prepare the basics. Here is a list of your hospital bag essentials to prepare you for the baby’s arrival.

A picture ID, health insurance, and hospital forms should be the first contents found in your hospital bag. Check with your hospital if there is paperwork that you need to accomplish prenatally. It would be a good idea to carry your prenatal medical records with you in case your health provider needs it. Include a copy of your birth plan (if you have one) along with your documents.

Hospital Bag Essentials

Personal Items

Bring some personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair ties, and deodorant, maternity pads, breast pads. The hospital usually provides soap, shampoo, lotion, and tissues, but you can bring your own if you have personal preferences. You can bring your towel in case you need a regular-sized one as hospitals tend to provide only small ones. 

Pack a bathrobe, some loose and comfortable clothes, slippers and socks. You might want to add maternity bras and lots of undies . Hospitals provide gowns to wear during labor and delivery, but you can choose to wear your robe and socks if you feel more comfortable in them. Bring some change of clothes for when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital.


Bring your cellphone and charger. You will be billeted in the hospital for a few days after delivery, and you will need them to communicate with family and friends or simply to take a some pictures of your brand new baby and share it with your family and loved ones.

Baby’s Stuff

Pack your baby’s going home outfits in your hospital bag. It is suggested to bring baby clothes of different sizes to anticipate the baby’s size after delivery. You may also bring the baby’s swaddling blanket and other items that your baby might need at the hospital. Have a properly installed car seat for the baby to use when it is time to leave the hospital.

Breastfeeding Essentials

You can bring your own breast pump so you can practice alongside a lactation consultant while still in the hospital during the first feeding period of your baby. 


Don’t forget to bring snacks. After a long and hard labor, you’ll surely be famished and look for nourishment other than hospital food. Bring food that you will enjoy and reward yourself after a successful pregnancy journey.

Why hire a newborn photographer?

Pregnancy can be quite demanding and tiring, but it can be a pleasant feeling as well. Make the days count before the big day by preparing the essentials for your birth with no rush and just enjoy the process. 

Remember this wonderful day by booking a professional newborn photographer who can capture your precious moments. You’ll want the best documentation for when your bun in the oven comes out. 

If you’re looking for a professional newborn photographer in Melbourne, look no further because we can do that and more.

Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

Yehey! Your baby is turning one.  It’s time to book a cake smash photography in Melbourne

The first year of your child’s life is like a roller coaster ride. 

There are ups and downs, moments like sleepless nights. 

But hey! It’s part of growing up. 

What’s important is you enjoy the journey of parenting and capture every moment of it. 

Let all the messy stuff compiled in a photo album. This includes your child’s first birthday.

Step up your birthday preparation with a cake smash.

Don’t you have any idea? We’ll discuss it with you. 

Including the best ideas for cake smash photography.

Be prepared as we start to get messy. 

What is Cake Smash Photography?

A cake smash is where your child smash hit a cake while a photographer captures the moment. Save this pure joy and delight the emotions of your child. Hire professional photographers. 

Typically, a cake smash is done on your child’s first birthday. Talk to your chosen photographer on how to do it. If you have a suggestion, express it clearly. They are always open to new ideas. If none, they have creative ways to serve you. 

Take note that the photos taken are used as the party invites on your child’s birthday party. Send your family and friends a copy. Celebrate your child’s natal day with your loved ones. 

Amazing isn’t it? Record a remarkable milestone with your child. Make it more memorable. Learn the best ideas for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 

Best Ideas Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

Who says messy is beautiful?

Cake smash says so!

Especially if you take note of these best ideas for a cake smash. 

Use of Flat Surface for Messy Cake Smash

Your baby grew up feeding on a high chair. Now that he/she is about to turn one, let him/her explore more. 

A cake smash is such a messy shoot. That’s why a high chair is a big no-no.


It comes with minimal mess. 

Leave your baby’s high-chair behind. Look for a safe flat surface. What a great view to see a cake beside their toes. 

Moreover, a flat surface allows them free reign to make a mess. Basically it is the goal of cake smash photography. 

Keep Props Simple

A cake smash session in Melbourne is such a fun and exciting shoot. You can add up props to heighten up the vibe. But, don’t go overboard. 

Remember to keep your props simple. Or else, you’d end up with photos too busy once the cake is smashed. 

A simple background with only one or two props is enough. Even a backdrop and a cake will do. The key is to arrange your props strategically. You can have some close-up shots or wide angles. Explain to your photographer how you want it to look like. They can cover it up on different angles. 

Adding up props is inexpensive, even a piece of wall panelling can be used. It all depends on the style you prefer. 

Choose between a cake stand or candle holder, perfect for an over-sized cupcake. A pre-made banner with a bag of balloons is a brilliant idea. 

Always Colour Coordinate

Cake smash photography session can have a low key background with pops of colour. 

Select one specific item you’d like to coordinate. It can be a piece of headdress or a pair of socks worn for monthly photo sessions. Look for colours that can complement your chosen item. 

Also, pay attention to the cake colour frosting. Although a white cake frosting looks good, it’s quite difficult to photograph. White objects are more prone to become overexposed highlights. 

Ask your photographer which colour coordinates appropriately. They know what best suits your child cake smash photography. 

Schedule the Session

It’s not just a cake smash photoshoot session. There is an ideal timing required. 

Others make the cake smash on the first birthday party. However, it’s quite stressful on the child’s part. Anxiety builds up around many people. Photo capture is rushed. The mess is cleaned immediately so the party continues. 

Meanwhile, you can plan a cake smash session during the day. Most advisable before nap time. Why? This time has the best light. No pressure to finish the session abruptly. Your child has the time to savour and enjoy smashing the cake. The photographer can take numerous candid shots. 

It’s not necessary to have the cake smash on their actual birthday. You can have it done any time before their birthday. 

Child’s Perfect Exposure

Remember, your child is the star for this photoshoot. 

So before the cake comes in, take photos of the child creatively. Then, take quick photos of the cake and child. Make it fast. The moment the child lays eyes on the cake, he/she will instinctively smash it. 

Capture the moment, before, during and after the cake smash happens. This way, you’ll have memory stored in a picture. Your little one can see it ones he/she grew up. 

Minimum Photo Edits

Since cake smash photography is really messy, photo edits are not necessary. 

Frosting splotches are part of the memories. Don’t try to fix it. Raw shots are the best. Angle your camera so you can have all the moments captured. 

Your child’s first birthday is a big milestone. Spice it up with a cake smash photo session. Cell phone photos are nice but hiring a professional photographer is better. Bright and best ideas for cake smash photography await your child. 

Outfit for Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

For your child’s cake smash photography, choose a comfortable outfit for him/her. 

Also, keep in mind how you’ll wash it afterwards. It’s messy right? No worries. You can always have it dry cleaned. 

Anyways, here is the list of outfit for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 


  • Romper 
  • Onesie
  • Bowtie Suit
  • Diaper cover with hat or necktie
  • Jumpsuit


  • Romper 
  • Tutu
  • Diaper cover and hat
  • Bodysuit
  • Onesie

Whatever attire you choose, make sure it’s comfy for your child. Don’t forget to choose a complimenting colour. It makes the photo session vibrant for your model. 

Cake Smash Guide for 1st Birthday

I know you’re overly excited on your child’s upcoming first birthday. Make it unforgettable by having the best cake smash. 

Make it more special by granting your child her first birthday cake smash. And since you’d like only the best for your child, only get the service of a professional baby photographer

Do it the right way. Follow these steps to avail the best ideas for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 

Choose the Right Cake

Plain old vanilla sponge cakes are the top choice. It’s easy for little hands to break up. 

Buttercream icing creates a perfect mess and fun factor. Pick an icing colour carefully. You wouldn’t want your child to look like a vampire with red icing. The brown colour will not look good either. 

Wear a Smashing Outfit

Get your child an attire that fits them. Remember, the photoshoot is messy so a Sunday best is not an option. 

Take this opportunity to find complementing colours on the background and cake. Remember, this will be on photos. Part of your family memories. Make it exceptional. 

Select the Right Set

The first choice is the baby photography studio

If you’re up to unique set up, you may do it at home. Play along with your place and get natural reactions from your child. The familiarity of the place adds up with their comfortability. 

You may also try an outdoor location. Make sure it’s safe. Discuss the right time with your photographer. Natural lights are considered. 

The Messier, The Cuter

Icing will be everywhere. Not just on the baby. That includes the clothes, locations and you. Yes, you! 

So, always bring spare clothes for everyone. Clean up is done after the shoot. Don’t stress yourself out since it is expected from the very beginning. 

Streamer And Balloons

Don’t overdo it. A baby and a cake are enough. But little props won’t hurt. 

Add a cute streamer to pop up the colour. Balloons keep your child engaged on the set. Make them smile the whole session. 

Sugar Introduction

The first year of your child is purely organic. Sugar is always a part of childhood. Introduce how sweet life can be with the smash cake on the first birthday. 

Trust me. It aids picky eaters. Your child definitely enjoys this photoshoot without faking it. 

Encourage The Fun

There are babies who can grasp the idea the moment they see the cake. While others are a bit lost. It’s a bit overwhelming for a child. 

Show them it’s all okay. They can get dirty with the icing, taste it, then move more and enjoy the session. 

Have Fun

Definitely the most important!

Celebrate your child’s first year of life carefree. Let you child enjoy the cake. He/she can have it any way he/she wants it. 

Don’t think too much about the cleanup. If a detail fails, don’t stress too much. Savour the moment while your child is still careless of what happens around.

Enjoy the fun filled photo session. Love every detail in it. Especially that cute little fingers and toes smothered with icing. You’re only a child once. Let your kid feel the love and freedom through this cake smash photography. 

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Melbourne

Your journey to parenthood starts here and there is no better way to mark it that beautiful maternity photoshoot ideas.

The most remarkable time of your life is pregnancy. It is both exciting and scary.

You’ll experience full of amazing changes. Especially that pregnancy is also about body changes, mood swings, food cravings and more. Also, you’ll feel giddy with the anticipation of seeing the newborn baby. This is the main reason why women document it all through maternity photoshoots. 

Get the best shots possible with these tips on how to look good in your maternity photo shoot. 

When Should I Do My Maternity Photoshoot?

Are you excited to document your baby bump? 

Moms can do their photo sessions at 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is the best time to look for maternity photoshoot ideas. 

Your belly is showing yet you’re still comfortable to pose in front of a camera.

Meanwhile, expecting mamas with twins or more should come earlier. It is around 26-32 weeks since twins arrive earlier than singletons. 

Set an appointment with your chosen maternity photographer in Melbourne. This way, you strike the best pose and look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photoshoot Ideas?

What’s the best secret to make your maternity photoshoot ideas into wonderful images? Wear your best smiles with your most comfortable clothes during your photo sessions. 

You’ll definitely look good in your maternity shoots with the following:

  • Neutral strapless brassiere and seamless underwear
  • Black bra and panty set (applicable for black background belly shots)
  • White or ivory bra and panty set (applicable for white background belly shots)
  • Lingerie sets
  • Tube top or belly band
  • Non-maternity jeans and camisole top
  • Buttoned shirt or blouse
  • Long, flowy or form-fitting dress (like summer maxi dress or tube dress)
  • Button-ups sweaters or cardigans
  • Men’s button-ups tops (for your partner or husband)
  • Coordinating outfits (for your partner or husband and children)
  • Any favourite scarves, accessories, jewellery and others
  • Any items with sentimental value (like baby’s ultrasound or an heirloom)

Where to Buy Maternity Dress for Photoshoot?

If you book for a professional maternity photographer, they are most likely prepared with appropriate outfits. 

Maternity dresses, wraps and accessories are readily available to use at their studio. It would be less hassle for you. 

No need to buy a new maternity dress. The best maternity photographer can provide elegant dresses for pregnant women that can boost confidence and self-esteem even during outdoor photoshoot.

Maternity pose outdoor

Remember a single dress can cost you so much. Save more and use the money instead for baby’s expenses. 

Check your photographer about their rental policy. The price depends on the gown’s quality and intricate detail work. Also, there may be rental and dry-cleaning fees. 

How to Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Don’t let your emotions cloud your decisions. Be prepared on your most awaited maternity photoshoot. 

Have a radiant and glowing effect during your photo op. Take note of these tips and tricks for a successful maternity photo session. 

Style Your Shoot 

Discuss with your photographer about the style of shoot you’re looking for. Confirm if they can accomplish the style you desire. 

In some cases, photographers send out a questionnaire to their clients. This includes a few questions regarding your preference. It helps photographers understand your needs. Plus, they can give you a better idea. 

You may also check out the Pinterest Board. It widens your options and sets inspiration for creativity. Keep in mind that this is optional. 

Pamper Yourself 

Treat yourself. Enjoy it while you can. Also, it is the perfect excuse to tell your partner. 

Get the best manicure and pedicure done ready for the photoshoot. Let your hair have an appealing hairdo suited for your style. 

Apply makeup as well. There’s nothing wrong with getting all done for your maternity photoshoot. Add a little more makeup than you normally do. Usually, the pictures do not tend to reflect the makeup. 

Can’t do your own thing? Ask your photographer. They are usually partnered with these kinds of services. 

Don’t feel old and stressed about this event. Get yourself dolled up. Be self-confident and comfortable with your baby bump. It is felt on the camera. 

Feel good and look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props

Prepare your preferred props ahead of time. 

Most moms bring it during their photo session. 

Don’t have anything in mind? Talk it out with your photographer. If you have an idea, they can provide what is needed. 

Are you still lost? Here are some of the props typically used during photoshoots. 

  • Flowers, leaves
  • Crowns like a queen or flower crown
  • Garlands
  • Baby clothes and shoes
  • Sonogram pictures
  • Chalkboards
  • Keepsakes 
  • Letters and notes (handwritten by parents to baby)
  • Bubbles, balloons and bows

It makes your photo session more special and personalised to your own family. 

Coordinate Outfits 

A well-coordinated outfit looks great in your maternity photo shoot. 

Pick out your partner’s clothes and your kids (if you have any). Match it up with your chosen style. If your husband has a great fashion sense, you won’t have a problem. If not, help him out. 

One of the secrets of breathtaking shots are complementing colours. Be guided with the colour wheel below. Check out the complementing colour shades recommended. 

Your photographer is always willing to help you choose your outfit. Ask help from them. 

Important reminder: Avoid all whites, jeans and white tops for everybody. Don’t wear the same exact coloured outfits for everyone. It is best to colour coordinate and complement. It actually looks good in your captured maternity shots. 

Don’t Stress 

Never stress yourself. It’s easier said than done. 

If you’re camera-shy, a maternity photoshoot might be stressful for you. 

Ease Your anxiety. 

Talk to your partner. Express your feelings. Your photographer understands as this happens sometimes. Might as well meet up with them first before the session. 

Once relaxed, proceed with the photo session. Being relaxed helps you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. 

Most professional maternity photographers are great in making their clients relaxed. They also know which poses are the most comfortable for you. 

Best Ideas for Creative Maternity Photoshoot

Capturing maternity shots does not only require timing. There are other factors to consider. Here is a compilation of best maternity photo ideas to help you. 

Seek Out Unusual Backdrops

Start your photo session with a location. Look for natural parks near you. Nature always provides the best backdrop and lighting in any photoshoot.

Get your Partner in the Picture

If you’ll enter the parenthood world with a partner beside you, tag them along. Share your excitement in the photoshoot. 

Try Different Poses

To look good in your maternity photoshoots, you must be flexible and comfortable to different poses. You may use nearby props and furniture instead of just standing and smiling in front of the camera. 

Play with Perspective

Experiment with fresh maternity photo ideas. Discuss your unique style with the photographer. Ask if it can be executed properly. 

Get The Right Timing

Lighting is the key to every photo shoot. It can make or break your maternity shots. Schedule your photo session at an optimal time of the day. Photographers capture a great moment during the golden hour. It comes shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. 

Go Close-up

Always have a few closeups with your tummy. After all, the baby bump is the reason for the photo session right?

Take Candids

Best shots are taken when candid. It does not always strike a pose during maternity photoshoots. Enjoy a heartfelt conversation and laughter with your partner. Candid shots are a great way to document your pregnancy. 

Brave the Bad Weather

It’s quite disappointing when the rain starts to fall during your shoot. Despite the inclement weather, it can lead you to amazing maternity photos. As long as you and your partner are safe, continue with the photo session. See how magical it would turn out to be. 

Shoot in the Studio

Natural settings for a maternity photoshoot looks good. Nevertheless, studio shots are captivating as well. It can be a total show-stopper when you use high-contrast black and white. Pose with elegance. 

Be a Homebody 

Super glamorous shots are taken outside. If you look for a more intimate feel, set up your maternity photoshoot in the comfort of your home. Set up a casual and cosy setting to capture emotional moments. 

How Much Does Maternity Photoshoot Costs?

Maternity photoshoot cost depends on your photographer. The length and area of the photo session is also a factor. 

Typically, a photo session will last up to two hours. It depends on your photoshoot ideas. If you want more details and poses, it might take longer. 

Also, a different rate is offered depending on location. Some photographers rate is cheaper compared to field set-up. But keep in mind that you are investing to capture a once in a lifetime memory.

Many may want cheaper costs but there is no guarantee that the photos will come out the way they want it to be. The heartbreaking part is, if you are not satisfied, you can’t bring back those days and do it again. The timing for maternity photoshoot is vital. As your delivery date comes, the less chance you can move freely and pose.

On the other hand, not all expensive maternity packages are the best. 

The costs do not tell you the outcome of the images. It is based on your photographer’s experience and skills. This is why you should choose your photographer well.

The cost of the photoshoot is still an important factor. However, you shouldn’t compromise the most important thing. It is to look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

Although good photography is expensive, bad photographs are more expensive. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and money for photos you don’t like right? Get it right the first time. Find a photographer with an amazing talent which is worth it.

Best Poses for Maternity Photoshoot Focusing on the Baby Bump 

Maternity photoshoot ideas are completely different. It all depends on your wish as a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is such a magical time. You definitely want to capture it in photos. It’s such an amazing feeling to look back at these shots as soon as you see your baby grow outside your womb. 

Choose which magical maternity photo ideas you prefer. It will definitely look good in your family album. 

Focus on the belly

Take a moment to capture the main hero of the photoshoot the Belly or Baby Bump. 

A lot of maternity photoshoot ideas focus on the baby bump.

A close-up photo with an emphasis on the belly and your hands is a great idea. Make it more dramatic through the effects of the light. 

Heart Hands

Express your undying love for your little one in this pose. Make heart hands in your baby bump. If your husband is with you, show the wedding ring. It emphasizes the family’s love, peace and understanding. 

Big Sister/Brother Bonding

If your baby has an older brother or sister, ask for their participation. Gather all the siblings in one frame. 

Your kids add an atmosphere of expectation. It looks harmonious in photographs, especially if their clothes are in the same style or colour.  

Simple Silhouette

This is one of the best maternity photo ideas ever. It is very suitable for personal shooting of a pregnant woman. 

To capture the silhouette, the photographer uses the beauty of light reflection. Take the shots in black and white. Sure enough, you can portray your emotions more deeply. 

Matching Outfits

Pick up the same clothes as your partner. Let’s say red t-shirts for dad and a red dress for mom. This illustrates your unity as a mother and father and the joy of joint expectations. You can choose matching prints as well.

Picture in the Studio

A photoshoot in the studio is not a bad choice. Professional lighting and camera are very accessible to your photographer. Proudly show off your baby bump to make the photo session successful. 

Take Some Candids

If you want to look good in your maternity photoshoot, don’t rely too much on plot and poses. Rest is a must. Let your photographer capture candid moments. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful these shots are. It can show what a loving relationship and family comfort awaits your baby. 

With Letter Board

This style has been running for years now. Make some funny writings on the letter board. Hold it with your partner. Your future kid can read the messages on the board when they grow up. 

Have Fun with Florals

Express your feminine side. Wear wreaths and floral elements as your hairstyle. Always choose soft shades of petals. It gives out an atmosphere of tenderness in photographs. 

Compare Bellies

This maternity shoot idea requires your partner. You may include your children if there’s any. Take a picture with your bellies together. You may write what’s inside your tummy. This idea results in a sincere and lively shot. 

Father Kissing the Belly 

This might be a typical idea, but it actually works. It is such a simple gesture that shows warm feelings, love and support. If you have older kids, ask them to join the photoshoot. It’s like a family photo while your baby is still inside your tummy. 

Before and After 

One of the most difficult pregnancy photo ideas but a must-try. You’ll be impressed with the photograph. As much as possible, both photos should be similar. This includes clothes, hair, body movement, look, colour scheme, and the game of light and shadow. 

Black and White 

Nothing beats black and white. Feel the mood and atmosphere of this shot. Surprisingly, it expresses a tender and catchy shots for your pregnancy. 

Nude Style 

The boldest maternity photoshoot idea ever. Many expecting moms are interested however only a few are brave enough to pose. Your rounded tummy and naked body look incredibly extravagant in pictures. If you’re up to this, find a professional photographer who can do it. 

With Belly Drawing 

Don’t be too uptight on your photo session. Be jolly and humorous. Depending on your imagination, you can ask a skilled artist to draw on your belly. It can be a cartoon character, superhero or anything you like. 

Underwater Adventure

If your health and pregnancy condition permits, take an underwater session. Be a very beautiful mermaid while showing off your baby bump. It shows how natural, easy and feminine pregnancy look. This idea might be difficult but when done right, the result will be majestic. 

Do’s and Don’ts on your Maternity Photoshoot

Take note of these before you proceed on your scheduled maternity photoshoot.


  • Wear clothing you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s a long dress, flowy skirts and comfy momma pants, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re comfortable in it. 
  • Add textures and layers to look nice. It gives depth and details on your photo. 
  • Choose solid colours. Subtle patterns and solids are safer and the best. 
  • Coordinate with your significant other. Complementary colours and similar style will do. 
  • Iron your wardrobe. Remove lint and loose threads as well. 
  • Wear contact lenses or remove your eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses reflect on flash and nearby objects. 
  • Set hair appointments at least 2 weeks prior. 
  • Makeup: light application of non-SPF foundation, blush on, 
  • Trim and pluck eyebrows if needed. 
  • Use hairspray to tame your hair. 
  • Get your manicure and pedicure done. 


  • Clothes with fine and repetitive lines. It is difficult for the camera to register. 
  • Loud and fluorescent colours. It distracts your look in the photos. The colour will reflect on your face. 
  • Over-do accessories. Watches and bulky jewellery diverts attention. 
  • Brassier and Bra Straps. Hide it well on your outfit. 
  • Lips with frosts or glitters reflect on a light. Use shiny lip gloss instead. 
  • Eyeshadows with shimmer or glitter. Use black or brown eyeliner and mascara. 

Have fun with your maternity photoshoot ideas. Be creative and comfortable at all cost. For sure, you’ll have radiant photos to reminisce once your baby is out. Remember these tips on how to look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

Baby Photography Poses For Your Newborn’s First Photos

As first-time parents you would want to cherish every moment with your newborn baby. The tiny preciousness is too good to pass up. And there is nothing more adorable than innocent baby photography poses.

Your baby’s first photoshoot will remind you of the fleeting feelings. Moment and stories that connect you to the very first time you held him on your arms. When a baby is born, we see them grow too fast. We enjoy their milestone and proudly share them with loved ones. Wouldn’t it be perfect for your stories to come in lovely photos?

If this is your first time to work with a professional photographer for your baby’s photoshoot, don’t fret. I have prepared some guidelines you can use to plan your photoshoot.

To start off, here are some baby photography poses ideas you can choose:

Basic Baby Photography Poses Ideas

Swaddle or Wrapped Pose

Swaddled is one of the best and most innocent baby poses. The photographer will carefully wrap your baby in either in a blanket or flokati rug. To make it more memorable, you may use a blanket specifically made for your baby as a gift. You can also use the blanket passed along in your family from one firstborn to another. Wrapped pose also indicates the true meaning of “Bundle of Joy.”

Newborn Frog Pose

To highlight your baby’s face and flexibility, the newborn frog pose is one of the best baby photography poses ideas. The babies’ legs are on the side, while their hands are under and cupping the chin. This will show their innocent faces especially while asleep. They will look like thinking angels!

Tushy Up

Just imagine your baby is comfortably sleeping while enabling the photographer to highlight at least three angles on this pose. Through the Tushy up baby pose, the newborn photographer will capture the irresistible little baby fats, facial features and also the baby’s bottom.

Though there are parents who are not thoroughly comfortable with this pose, it’s up to you whether to pick this pose or choose from other selections of this baby photography poses ideas list I have prepared for you.

Simple Side Lying Pose  

To have this baby photography pose, you must ensure that the baby is sleeping soundly, so you won’t have a hard time slowly pushing them on one side. Allow your baby to rest on one sidearm. Then, let his legs cross naturally.

Full-Length Back Pose

One of the basic baby photography poses ideas, that require the photographer and you as the parents to work together and to have patience. In order to achieve the full-length back pose, put the baby’s both hands on top of their chest while leaning back to the bed or into the fur cloth.


There is nothing more in this world than to have close-up cute baby poses for photography you can keep to remind you precious moments with your little one. Cute baby poses for photography are true works as a stress reliever for parents, especially to first-timers. 

You will forever remember the late nights’ diaper change and feeding. Parenthood is more changeling than you can imagine! Let that cute baby poses for photography ease your stress away. They will remind you to be grateful that you have been blessed with a little angel in your arms.

Expressive Baby Photography Poses 

Taco Pose

Do you remember how you cover those beef and veggies in a taco? Well, the difference between the Taco pose and the tacos, you can eat the latter. Kidding aside, taco pose is one of the comfortable baby photography poses ideas you can choose. Whereas this is safer than the Newborn Frog Pose, Taco pose pulls the back leg of your baby to the elbow whilst allowing those tiny little fingers to rest on the head.

Chin on Hands

This is probably one of the cutest when it comes to the baby first photoshoot, the chin on hands pose is more like baby fell asleep while thinking what lies ahead of him in the future. Though this might be hard to achieve if he’s awake for the baby first photoshoot, this is an ideal and cute baby poses for photography to both genders.  

Just the Toes

Similar to close-ups cute baby poses for photography, you might want to have just the toes pose to capture every little detail about him including his toes. Parents can also pose with their baby first photoshoot through just the toes pose by simply holding your baby’s feet to allow the newborn photographer in Melbourne to get a winning and more meaningful shot of Just the Toes pose.

Cuddly Toys

If you don’t know which of these baby photography poses ideas you should choose, cuddly toys pose is a classic attribute for newborns. As babies love stuffed toys and when they are not in the mood, parents always give them stuffed toys to play with, and why not include those helpful toys as props?

Newborn Poses Ideas with Parents

Facing Each Other

This is pretty common when taking your baby first photoshoot with the fam bam. All you have to do is face one another while the father holds the baby. This pose represents a natural and happy life of a couple blessed with a baby.

The Cradle Hold

One of the favourites of mothers when it comes to newborn poses with parents ideas. This is simply a mother hugging their tiny little angel, mom is free to choose whether she’d like to hold the baby’s legs, kiss the nose, or even touch the hair.

Keep the Heads Close

Newborn baby with mum pose photography

If you want more sweet photos during your baby first photoshoot, keep the heads close pose is more ideal. One of the parents is holding the baby tightly as they all keep their hands and head really close with each other. The mum can also lay down with baby.

How Should Babies Pose on Their Stomach

Sleeping Baby – one of the natural newborn photography poses to add up to your collection. 

To achieve this pose, you must ensure that the baby is sleeping soundly and slowly let their hands rest on their chest or on their stomach.

When You Should Take Newborn Pictures

To have your baby first photoshoot 5 days after giving birth is not advisable. Your baby should be at least 2 weeks old before reserving a slot with the best professional baby photographer

It’s more practical to have your baby first photoshoot between 10 to 15 days after he was born, as this stage, the baby tends to sleep longer and don’t mind being unclothed. Babies who are 10 to 15 weeks old are much suitable to comply with your preferred baby photography poses ideas. 

To have a less-hassle photoshoot session, it’s highly recommended to scout for professional and reliable photographer 1 week prior to your due date to avoid incidents like fully-booked sessions or to get only those last-minute photoshoot sessions.

Is it safe to take photos of newborns?

Capturing the newborn’s tiny preciousness is what I do best over the years. To provide an answer to this question proficiently, allow me to explain whether is it safe for newborns or not thoroughly. 

YES, it is safe to take photos of newborns, to have a new member of the family is what makes life more meaningful and brings more wonderful moments, especially to the parents. The safety of every newborn that comes in my newborn photography studio is my utmost priority to the extent that I had completed necessary and more advanced training in Newborn Posing Safety. 

To ease your worries away, I am also a nurse and CPR provider, rest assured that to have your baby first photoshoot with me is securely safe.

Preparing for Your Newborn Photoshoot

Commemorating the first few days of your newborn’s life is important. They will only be newborns for around two weeks. No matter if you are a new parent or a new-again parent, these days are hectic and will be gone in a flash. The newborn photoshoot is the best way to remember the tiny precious details during the fuzzy days.

Many parents love having photos of their children. This is especially true for the majority of first-time parents. Parents in general love to have frozen copies of the milestones of their kids. This is so they can treasure special moments as the children grow older. 

Newborn photography is especially daunting. Babies can change so much in a span of weeks. It should not distract the parents and family from the memories itself. It should tell a story so that the parents can look back in remembrance of it. 

Here are a few essential tips to remember when preparing for a newborn photography session

When Should You Do a Newborn Photography?

As you near your delivery date, you and your partner have a lot of things to prepare. This includes the date of your newborn photography session. 

Most photographers advise parents to book it as soon as possible. Ideally, the best time for photographing newborns is within 5-10 days after birth.

Babies are easier to pose during photography sessions. They tend to sleep for long periods of time. It makes it easier for photographers to curl them into cute poses. 

Once you have chosen your photographer, book a solid date for the photoshoot. Set a target date where you can finalize all outfits and props you included in your newborn photo session.

Set that target date when you are 32 weeks pregnant. It gives you enough time to finalise everything, but not too much time to change your mind. If you want specialised props, it gives you enough time for production and shipping. 

What Type of Newborn Photos do You Want?

Newborn baby boy wrapped in a bucket with a sleepy hat

Having a vision of your newborn photos is crucial.

Do you have an idea of what they want to be included in the newborn photoshoot? You might want your newborn to have a special accessory or an heirloom in the photoshoot. You might even want the siblings or yourself and your partner to be in the photos. 

Sometimes, it is helpful to look at newborn photography ideas on Pinterest or other websites. They can help you get an idea of what you want. 

You should have an idea of the style you want. Preparing the things you want in advance is crucial to having the best newborn photos. It provides satisfaction to look back on. It also ensures the quality of the newborn photoshoot.  

Communication is the Key! Talk to your Newborn Photographer 

Tell your professional newborn photographer what you want to see in the photoshoot. Explaining your vision can help a long way. Tell them which shots are most important for you like close-ups, detail shots, family shots, or full-sized shots. 

Let your photographer know the style you are looking for and the colours you want. Find a professional newborn photographer who can bring your vision to life. Find one that fits the style you want and can give their own creative inputs. If you have a photographer who understands your vision, it is easy to collaborate. You can include special props and unique details in the newborn photoshoot ahead of time.

Pack for the Worst! 

It is important to be prepared for any scenarios during the newborn photoshoot. Have a packed bag that contains baby essentials. It can save time and effort during the photo shoot. 

Listed below are some of the things you can have in your baby bag.

  1. Baby diapers in case there are poop accidents
  2. Baby clothes 
  3. Extra pair of clothes for parents
  4. Props for the photoshoot, although most professional newborn photographers will provide all the props needed for your newborn photoshoot session.
  5. Feeding bottles during times when the baby is fussy otherwise if you are breastfeeding
  6. Pacifiers to pacify irritable newborns

Keeping Your Baby Calm During the Newborn Photoshoot

A hungry baby makes for a difficult photoshoot. Babies do very well in studios when they are full or sleepy. Make sure to feed your baby half an hour before the photoshoot. You can even let them have a warm bath an hour or two before the newborn photo session. This will comfort them and make them sleepy. Be aware that most of your time will be spent feeding and comforting your baby. Keeping your newborn happy and content ensures quality photos. 

If your baby is bottle-fed, make sure to have a bottle of formula milk or breast milk on hand. It is possible to feed them mid-pose so they are relaxed and calm. A pacifier can help soothe them during photo sessions. 

The baby may eat more during the newborn photoshoot. This is normal as babies equal waking up to feeding and being hungry. Arm yourself with plenty of patience as newborn photography takes extra time and patience. 

A calm and content baby makes for beautiful photos. 

Dress Comfortably

Clothe your newborn in a button-up or zip-up outfits. The clothes your baby wears during the photoshoot should not disturb them when they are sleeping. Ideally, dress your baby in clothes that do not go over the head. 

You should also wear comfortable clothing. The studio will have the temperature regulated to ensure the comfort of the newborn. It will be warm so that the baby’s comfort and sleep will remain undisturbed. 

Bring extra clothing for you and your family if you are included in the photoshoot. The newborn photography session should include enough time for you and your family to change clothing. 

Relax and Enjoy!

Do not be too stressed during the newborn photography session. The first few months of a baby’s life will stress new parents out. You might be more exhausted than before. This includes preparing for a newborn photography session.

Remember to relax. Have fun with the opportunity to have fun and make memories with your newborn. Enjoy the opportunity to bond with the rest of your family and the new addition to your life. 

Extra Considerations For Newborn Photoshoot

Safety in newborn photoshoot

Safety is a priority in newborn photography. All eyes and hands must be present during newborn positioning. 

Ensure that your professional photographer has enough experience in newborn photography. Be present during the handling and positioning of your baby to ensure a safe photo shoot. 

Either of the parents can be the photographer’s assistant. This helps the baby remain content. It also assures the parent of the baby’s personal safety. 

Studio Temperature

Most of the times, babies are photographed naked. Ensure that the studio temperature is regulated to avoid newborn discomfort. If the adults are not sweating, it may not be warm enough for the baby. 

Photoshoot Location

Newborn photography is usually done indoors. The studio prepares the place in accordance to your preferences. Indoor newborn photography provides a well-controlled environment. This is important in creating the vision parents have collaborated with the photographer. 

General Ambiance

Make sure that there is enough light during the newborn photoshoot. Enough lighting results in photos that you can keep for a long time. It makes a difference in creating quality newborn photos.   

Consider having white noise in the background during the newborn photoshoot. White noise or womb sounds can have a calming effect on the newborn. This is very helpful during the newborn photography sessions.  

Maintaining a calm environment is essential in newborn photography. This also includes minimizing unnecessary noises. 

Fussy Baby

Babies can poop or pee whenever they want. Make sure to bring extra diapers, clothing, or blankets in case of accidents. 

Final thoughts

Caring for a newborn can be very stressful albeit rewarding. They can grow up very fast. It is practical to trust a professional newborn photographer to capture memories. They are things that you will keep forever.

How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

Bets tips to choose your newborn photographer.

Babies possess the innocence and purity that translates very well on camera. Even the slightest movements of their lips as they gently suck their thumb and that sudden little smile they’ll flash. As parents, there is no greater sight than your new bundle of joy adorably posed and photographed. This is why you should know how to choose your newborn photographer.

Babies are the cutest subject to take photos, but probably the hardest model there is. 

Cluster feeding, colic baby, light sleeper newborns are some of the dilemmas you may encounter during the newborn photography session. Find a newborn photographer in Melbourne who is patient, passionate and can work well with your baby’s demand.

In line with this, due to the advancement of technology, the surge of newborn photographers in Melbourne is rapidly increasing. Among the numbers of professionals photographers, how do you choose the right newborn photographer in Melbourne for you?

I have prepared a detailed guide you can use to find a newborn photographer.

Tip 1: Choose a newborn photographer that prioritise your baby’s safety.

Newborn safety should be the top priority by all newborn photographers. Sometimes, inexperienced photographers get “too creative”, they get carried away that they forget how fragile babies are. Choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne with proper training in handling newborns.

Find someone who has a background in the medical field or experienced with newborns and young babies. The photographer must know how to provide CPR in a worst-case scenario. You can save your baby’s life more time if the photographer knows how to conduct infant CPR when needed to. The traveling time from the photographer’s studio up to the nearest hospital can be crucial for your newborn’s health.

It is important that you choose a vaccinated newborn photographer to protect your babies from any diseases. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control) highly requires anyone who is around newborns to be fully vaccinated, including whooping cough vaccine.

Want peace of mind? Always choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne with a Newborn Posing Safety training.

Tip 2: Find a photographer in Melbourne with lots of creative juices!

Can’t find the ideal photographer in Melbourne for you? Always go to a photographer with a creative mind. You must take note that anyone with a camera can take photos. But it takes to be a professional newborn photographer to produce photos that you will love, proud of and treasure forever.

To be a creative newborn photographer, one does not necessarily mean utilising all the available props in the market during your photo session. The photographers skills and talents in using the lightings, angels and keen eyes for details count more than expensive gadgets.

If you want to ensure your investment to a newborn photographer in Melbourne, look at the sample of their works which usually available in their website portfolio or their social media page.

Tip 3: Ask the newborn photographer about the props and lights

There are two types of lighting that can be used during the newborn portrait session. It’s either natural light or the studio light. These two different lights are essential. Parents should be aware that these types of lights can provide different looks. Moreover, fluffy blankets, adorable hats, baskets, wraps, furs, and wooden crates are just some of the must-have props. But the best photographer will choose the props that are both stylish and safe.

It’s also safe to ask the newborn photographer how often does he/she clean the props. Get to know where the props have been made and if they are safe to use.

Tip 4: Style in taking photos

Depending on your preference and sometimes certain conditions might caused you not to be able travel to the newborn photography studio. It’s always best to check the photographers’ portfolios. Checking the photographer’s portfolio can give you a glimpse on how they handle the newborn portrait session.

Once you checked on their websites and you finally shortlisted your favourites, You can request to Meet the newborn photographer in person before you decide to book your photography session. Share your ideas about your baby’s photo session. It is best to do the consultation before you give birth. This gives your photographer enough time to prepare for newborn photoshoot and accommodate your requests.

Adding to that, you can choose more styles the earlier your baby gets a photoshoot. This is because newborns are more flexible in their first few days of life.

Posed Newborn Photography VS Lifestyle Newborn Photography Style

The posed newborn photography style is more of a traditional way of taking photos of the newborn. Whereas, shots are mostly portraying the baby asleep with or without too many props on it.

While the lifestyle newborn photography style gives much more relax environment during the newborn photo session, because they are often done in clients’ respective homes. Lifestyle newborn photography usually don’t use as many props or poses. They may capture candid moments with you as the parents, and siblings.

Tip 5: Choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne that offers flexible payment methods

Who doesn’t get frustrated when you accidentally left your wallet at home? Sometimes, parents tend to unintentionally forget to bring their cash. This is because they get used to cashless payments with their credit cards. To prevent such a situation, it’s highly recommended to find a newborn photographer which offers flexible payment methods.

There is nothing that a newborn photographer in Melbourne cannot do to make their clients feel more comfortable. They give convenience as much as possible. Choose a newborn photographer who accepts payment in cash, using a credit card and or transferring funds through PayPal.

To choose a newborn photographer with flexible payment methods, rest assured that your newborn photography session will definitely go smoothly.

Often times as parents we want to have it all, the beautiful album box or the big and stunning wall arts you would like to display at your precious home. It’s not fun and disappointing when current financial situation will make you missed the opportunity to purchase what you love. Fortunately some photographers partnered with 3rd party company to give your the best service they can where you can pay the fee in part through payment instalments such as PayRight.

The Difference in Hiring a Newbie and Professional Photographer

Consider these facts:

I get it, some parents need to work with their budget, and it’s very tempting to just hire a Newbie newborn photographer. Often they offer you a budget-friendly price and save more $$, and sometimes a newbie newborn photographer in Melbourne can also provide some freebies to gain your trust.

Something is better than nothing. If you opted to go with not so experienced newborn photographer, please make sure you choose a photographer that will prioritise your newborn’s safety.

Usually this goes by “you get what you paid for”. There are reasons why some photographers charged what they charge to be a sustainable and profitable business. Professional Newborn Photographers spent countless efforts, time and money to perfect their craft and skills. Often times you can see from their work and the quality of work and props they are using for their clients. Some of business expenses like insurance and legalities and be prepared when the bad day comes. On the other hand New Photographers and are not specialised in newborn photography are still working on their portfolios and still learning the ropes of the work itself and often times their work is not always consistent.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to hire a professional newborn photographer in Melbourne, you will get an assurance that you can reach her anytime you’d like to request for the hard copies of your newborn photos. In addition to that, an experienced photographer has years of working with different clients including newborns, pregnant women, and families with different cultures which means, an experienced photographer is more versatile than the newbies. You won’t have the difficulty in keeping open communication with them.

How Much is the Newborn Photographer’s Fee?

This is a common question of every client before booking with a newborn photographer in Melbourne. It really depends on the qualifications and years of experience of a photographer, and sometimes it varies greatly by region or country. Good thing, some of the newborn photographers in Melbourne offer packages that are good for parents who need to follow a strict budget policy within the family.

Photographers can increase their professional fee depends on the demand of a client, but it’s advisable to choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne that offers reasonable rate but with excellent photography services. Remember that you are investing on mementos and family heirloom that you and your generations to come will treasure.

And Lastly, Have fun

Preparing for your newborn portrait session is part of the fun of welcoming your newest bundle of joy on earth side. So enjoy the process, choose the photographer who jives with your vision and gets your ideas. Hopefully these tips for choosing a newborn photographer will help you to find the best newborn photographer in Melbourne that suits your needs.


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