Tips in Choosing Newborn Photographer

Tips in choosing newborn photographer
Cute newborn baby girl captured by newborn photo. © Lily of the Valley Photography

Babies are the cutest to take photos of but probably the hardest model there is. They possess the innocence and purity that translates very well on camera. Even the slightest movements of their lips as they gently suck their thumb and that sudden little smile they’ll flash. As parents, there is no greater sight than your newest bundle of joy adorably posed and photographed. 

Here are some tips in choosing newborn photographer your newest bundle of joy.

Photography and newborn skills

With the many newborn photographers in Melbourne, it can be difficult to choose the right one. It’s important to keep in mind that whoever you decide to go through will be handling your newborn baby and it requires an exceptionally skilled and trained photographer to do so.

As a photographer that specialises in most photography fields, posing adults is quite different than posing newborns. It requires a huge amount of patience and hard work, and proficient skills with soothing your newborn, and to be able to get the relaxed, safe and beautiful photographs.


As a profession who works with newborns and younger children daily, a good photographer must take further safety precautions such as ensuring their immunisations are up to date, taking into consideration that their immune system is just not as strong as older people. The use of clean props is also very crucial for newborns and I always ensure that after each session that all props used undergo a thorough clean before the next session commences.


Newborn photographers should also have oozing creative juices in them to think of different themes and concepts for your little supermodel or rockstar. You would ideally want your photos to stand out and be unique from everyone else’s. This where you need to carefully choose the style of the photographers’ work. Some photographers offer in home service and lifestyle photography and other photographers would only offer posed or lifestyle in their own commercial/ home studio.


Another thing to consider is the variety of props that the photographer will supply during your newborn portrait session, and if you want to be more specific you can also ask if the photographer is using natural light or studio light as the two types can give different looks or style in photography.


Also pay attention to the photographer’s editing style as some photographers might only offer basic edits to have more organic and natural look of their work and others tend to have more of an advanced and deeper editing style to give their work a “wow factor”. This is where the price difference can vary.

Like any other professions, photographers and newborn photographers come in many different levels; the beginners and inexperience will tend to have a cheaper price than the ones who are more experienced, and often this will reflect on their end products that they produce.


After shortlisting the photographers whom their works speak tick all your requirements, this is when you will choose according to your budget because we all know budget is very important. However, sometimes we want it all, we want to keep all those precious pictures taken during your newborn photography session and they are just too precious to be missed, this where the payment instalment will come in handy.

Many photographers will go above and beyond to help you to afford your newborn photographs and have partnered with some reputable payment instalment companies like Payright that will let both photographer and their clients achieve their goals with peace in mind.


We want a memorable photo shoot because of the experience, the fun and most importantly the pictures that come with it. Before choosing the right photographer for your newborn session, you may want to ask around. Get referrals from friends and families. They might have their favourite newborn photographer, whom they love and prefer to do their babies’ portraits session.

This way, you also get a glimpse of the finish products as well as the attitude of the photographer behind the camera. Moreover, you get an idea of the amount you may have to pay. This way, you also get a glimpse of the finish products as well as the attitude of the photographer behind the camera. Moreover, you get an idea of the amount you may have to pay.

Have fun

Preparing for your newborn portrait session is part of the fun of welcoming your newest bundle of joy on earth side. So enjoy the process, choose the photographer who jives with your vision and gets your ideas. Hopefully these tips for choosing a newborn photographer will help you to find the best newborn photographer in Melbourne that suits your needs.

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