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Preserve the timeless moments with your beautiful little one with baby photography.

Baby Boy with teddy bear and bear bonnet in a rustic bowl

My Timeless Approach to Baby Photography in Melbourne

My photographic style embodies real moments and unique perspectives because every baby is one of a kind. As a mum myself, I adore my daughter’s every smile, tears, and laughter. And before I knew it, she is no longer a baby I could easily scoop and cuddle. Indeed, parenthood can go on a blur.

And this makes baby photos with perfectly captured adorable facial expressions, tiny nuances, and sweet angelic features priceless.

I could easily tell and justify why there really is no substitute for professional lighting and lenses. In fact, there are some who have high-end cameras and put up shop to start a baby photography business.

But take note that only seasoned baby photographers can guarantee a perfect shot at the perfect time. Photographing a baby is not like working with anyone else.
They are not little humans we can ask to pose.

The perfect shot can pass by in just a second as their mood changes without a warning. I have the patience and expertise to safely pose and photograph your little infant.

Sought-After Baby Photo Studio For One Month Old Photoshoot And Beyond

No matter your ideas, whether it may be a lifestyle shoot or a boutique baby photography for one month old baby portraits, I will help you create it into a beautiful work-of-art they will proudly look as they get older.

Every image is put together by hand with the same love and care that goes into each of my baby photography session.

Baby photography is a delicate art that requires experience and skill in taking photos and keeping your babies safe. Being a nurse and a mum has made me more careful in posing and handling the babies.

My blankets are sanitized after every use and my studio is kept clean to ensure safe and hygienic environment to newborns and babies.

In fact, I have knitted and created a lot of props in my baby photo shoot studio to ensure that they are safe to delicate skin. The shoot in my studio usually lasts 2 hours to give plenty of time for diaper changes and feedings when needed to keep your bundle of joy in a calm and happy mood.

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