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Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

The Eastern Suburbs Melbourne is consist of City of Whitehorse, Monash, Maroondah. Knox and Boroondara. It is also the location of the Dandenong Ranges which serves are the boundary of Melbourne.

Eastern suburbs are known to be a place of heritage. Especially in Boroondara where there are grand mansions of multi-millionaires. The claim to fame by Boroondara is its large number of schools, with 59 educational institutions in the municipality. 

Many of these are private schools that were established well beyond a century ago, steeped in historic buildings and a variety of prominent alumni. Raising a family in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne is a worthwhile experience as you see your kids growing up too fast.

So, capture their early moments while they last.

What to Look for in a Newborn Photographer in Eastern Suburbs Melbourne?

Most of the photographs are taken from the hospital’s nursery wherein babies are wrap in the hospital blanket. Anyone who is born on the ’90s has an awkward photo taken from a mall or a park. Those grainy and often overexposed photos remind us of our childhood.

Through the proliferation of technology, the blurry and grainy film images are now crisp and sharp. Everyone can point and shoot anytime using their mobile phones. Despite all this technological advancement, you need a professional baby photographer to take your child’s first photo.


Because they can ensure your baby’s safety during the photoshoot. They know what lighting to use to avoid making them fussy. They trained themselves with software to enhance the still photos to perfection. And finally, they would conceptualize with your ideas and improve it to make the experience valuable. 

Here are some tips to help you choose a newborn photographer.

Is your baby’s safety the priority?

In a newborn’s photoshoot, safety is the number one priority. As cute as they are, they are also so fragile. They are challenging to work with because all they know is to eat, sleep, poop, and repeat. Striking an Instagram worthy pose isn’t on their priority list. It is the photographer’s intuition when to take the shoot. Though it takes a lot of patience

Here is some best practice that a good newborn photographer follows:

  • They never leave the baby unattended.
  • Babies are never forced into a pose.
  • Always support the baby’s neck and head properly when they are holding them. 
  • Never use any breakable props.
  • When using a prop, they always had an assistant or one of the parents next to the baby.

Does the newborn photographer’s work with passion and love?

Peaking behind the lens to capture those moments, telling the story of the photo is essential to a photographer. A unique style is a photographer’s signature that develops over time. Creativity and attention to detail are the traits that a good photographer possesses. However, when choosing your photographer, your choice matters.

Browse through their portfolio and be amazed at how they do their craft. Please pay attention to what intrigues you and make ideas about how to incorporate your style with theirs. Your participation in creating the perfect setting is essential to capture those memories. 

How fast can the newborn photographer deliver the masterpiece?

Being able to meet your deadline is one of the best practices in the business. However, finishing projects ahead of their deadlines measure someone’s efficiency and expertise. Photographers, due to the nature of their work, they tend to do the “churn and burn” type of business. The low flat rate charges to accommodate more clientele and long hours of pre-production and post-production would take a toll on them delivering on time. 

Excellent quality of work means more business. So, in choosing a photographer, you must know about their work practices and how they are in meeting their deadline. 

Why Lily of the Valley Photography?

Perfect moments are just a click away. When you miss it, there’s no way to recapture those moments in photos. It would take passion, skills, and training to capture that split second of the picture-perfect moment. 

Febrina is a mother to a daughter. When she was born, she left the nursing practice to be able to spend more time with her family. Maternal instinct and years of experience are her main asset. And your baby’s safety is her main priority. Febrina has been doing photography for more than ten years, and she specializes in newborn photography. 

Her location is within the proximity of Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne, which is more accessible for those who are within the area. Her aim to keep her clients convenient and comfortable during the scheduling of meetings, newborn and maternity photo sessions. By collaborating with the clients, she put her signature on their ideas. 

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