Why Lily Of The Valley Photography

Time ticks by leaving memory to fade, and those first few wonder weeks of your newborn’s life are the prime time to photograph them. It’s astonishing how quickly time flies in what feels like a blink of an eye – you become caught up in the gig of parenting that you forget to document the most precious moments in a proper way.
They certainly don’t stay little for long and that is why it is our true passion to capture your baby in the first weeks of their life. We want you to have beautiful images, that you can treasure for many years to come.
Mums and Dads, leave the the story-telling to the professional! I totally understand mobile photos are priceless too, however to be honest years gone by i never get the chance to print them out.
Photographs become more valuable every day, and the photographs you don’t get are the ones you’ll regret.
Message me today to book your newborn session. Together, let’s capture the memories you create that will become apart of your family’s heirloom legacy.

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