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Explore the true beauty of pregnancy with maternity photography. Discover the captivating glow only pregnancy can bring.

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Capture the Magic of Pregnancy With My Maternity Photo Shoot In Melbourne

While you may enjoy the gift of glowing skin and luxurious locks, you also have to face the truth the pregnancy is not always elegant. Many of us get swollen ankles and rapid mood swings. There are also the infamous tiger stripes and darkening underarms. Many self-made women became conscious of how they look and even felt inferior as they compare themselves to that perfect-looking Insta-mama.

Since expectant mothers are not always feeling and looking their best, many still wonder if they should take a baby bump photography. 

Consider this:

You will not be pregnant forever. This special experience will only last for a while.

Though pregnancy has not-so-enjoyable-moments, your body shows unique and beautiful womanhood that you will only get during those moments. After all, pregnancy in itself is magical. There is a growing life inside of you – someone you will surely love even before you meet in person.

I understand the ups and downs of pregnancy. And I want to help soon-to-be-mums get captivating photos as their most treasured maternity keepsakes. It acts as a reminder when life begins and you will change forever – your life before meeting your newborn baby.

With my maternity photoshoot, your comfort is my priority. You can either book a studio session or an on-location session. You can have a baby bump photography or fully clothed maternity photos.

My approach is always relaxed and fun to make the session quick and easy.

When Is The Best Time For a Maternity Shoot?

You deserve to capture this special time in the most beautiful way. This is why maternity portraits are best taken between 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy when your belly is showing nicely and before you are too uncomfortable to pose. You have the freedom to choose your style whether it be posed or lifestyle. 

I will work closely with you decide the poses, the clothes you want and how you would want to look. Whether you are looking for romantic, natural, or glamorous maternity photos, I can customize the maternity photography around your liking.

I want to document this joyful period to help you relive your pure joy of the moment and loving connectedness for your baby-to-be.

What to Wear For Your Photoshoot?

This usually depends on the location of the maternity photoshoot and the client’s preference. You can wear comfortable elegant dresses or gowns. You can also choose dresses that can show your naked baby bump.

I recommend that you pick at least two different outfits with complementing colours. You can decide the colour based on the season. For example, summer is signified by a light floral pattern dress. If you want an outdoor location, choose an outfit that compliments the colour scheme of that place. I can provide robes and other essential apparel that you need.

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