Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Melbourne

Your journey to parenthood starts here and there is no better way to mark it that beautiful maternity photoshoot ideas.

The most remarkable time of your life is pregnancy. It is both exciting and scary.

You’ll experience full of amazing changes. Especially that pregnancy is also about body changes, mood swings, food cravings and more. Also, you’ll feel giddy with the anticipation of seeing the newborn baby. This is the main reason why women document it all through maternity photoshoots. 

Get the best shots possible with these tips on how to look good in your maternity photo shoot. 

When Should I Do My Maternity Photoshoot?

Are you excited to document your baby bump? 

Moms can do their photo sessions at 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is the best time to look for maternity photoshoot ideas. 

Your belly is showing yet you’re still comfortable to pose in front of a camera.

Meanwhile, expecting mamas with twins or more should come earlier. It is around 26-32 weeks since twins arrive earlier than singletons. 

Set an appointment with your chosen maternity photographer in Melbourne. This way, you strike the best pose and look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

What Should I Wear For My Maternity Photoshoot Ideas?

What’s the best secret to make your maternity photoshoot ideas into wonderful images? Wear your best smiles with your most comfortable clothes during your photo sessions. 

You’ll definitely look good in your maternity shoots with the following:

  • Neutral strapless brassiere and seamless underwear
  • Black bra and panty set (applicable for black background belly shots)
  • White or ivory bra and panty set (applicable for white background belly shots)
  • Lingerie sets
  • Tube top or belly band
  • Non-maternity jeans and camisole top
  • Buttoned shirt or blouse
  • Long, flowy or form-fitting dress (like summer maxi dress or tube dress)
  • Button-ups sweaters or cardigans
  • Men’s button-ups tops (for your partner or husband)
  • Coordinating outfits (for your partner or husband and children)
  • Any favourite scarves, accessories, jewellery and others
  • Any items with sentimental value (like baby’s ultrasound or an heirloom)

Where to Buy Maternity Dress for Photoshoot?

If you book for a professional maternity photographer, they are most likely prepared with appropriate outfits. 

Maternity dresses, wraps and accessories are readily available to use at their studio. It would be less hassle for you. 

No need to buy a new maternity dress. The best maternity photographer can provide elegant dresses for pregnant women that can boost confidence and self-esteem even during outdoor photoshoot.

Maternity pose outdoor

Remember a single dress can cost you so much. Save more and use the money instead for baby’s expenses. 

Check your photographer about their rental policy. The price depends on the gown’s quality and intricate detail work. Also, there may be rental and dry-cleaning fees. 

How to Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot?

Don’t let your emotions cloud your decisions. Be prepared on your most awaited maternity photoshoot. 

Have a radiant and glowing effect during your photo op. Take note of these tips and tricks for a successful maternity photo session. 

Style Your Shoot 

Discuss with your photographer about the style of shoot you’re looking for. Confirm if they can accomplish the style you desire. 

In some cases, photographers send out a questionnaire to their clients. This includes a few questions regarding your preference. It helps photographers understand your needs. Plus, they can give you a better idea. 

You may also check out the Pinterest Board. It widens your options and sets inspiration for creativity. Keep in mind that this is optional. 

Pamper Yourself 

Treat yourself. Enjoy it while you can. Also, it is the perfect excuse to tell your partner. 

Get the best manicure and pedicure done ready for the photoshoot. Let your hair have an appealing hairdo suited for your style. 

Apply makeup as well. There’s nothing wrong with getting all done for your maternity photoshoot. Add a little more makeup than you normally do. Usually, the pictures do not tend to reflect the makeup. 

Can’t do your own thing? Ask your photographer. They are usually partnered with these kinds of services. 

Don’t feel old and stressed about this event. Get yourself dolled up. Be self-confident and comfortable with your baby bump. It is felt on the camera. 

Feel good and look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props

Prepare your preferred props ahead of time. 

Most moms bring it during their photo session. 

Don’t have anything in mind? Talk it out with your photographer. If you have an idea, they can provide what is needed. 

Are you still lost? Here are some of the props typically used during photoshoots. 

  • Flowers, leaves
  • Crowns like a queen or flower crown
  • Garlands
  • Baby clothes and shoes
  • Sonogram pictures
  • Chalkboards
  • Keepsakes 
  • Letters and notes (handwritten by parents to baby)
  • Bubbles, balloons and bows

It makes your photo session more special and personalised to your own family. 

Coordinate Outfits 

A well-coordinated outfit looks great in your maternity photo shoot. 

Pick out your partner’s clothes and your kids (if you have any). Match it up with your chosen style. If your husband has a great fashion sense, you won’t have a problem. If not, help him out. 

One of the secrets of breathtaking shots are complementing colours. Be guided with the colour wheel below. Check out the complementing colour shades recommended. 

Your photographer is always willing to help you choose your outfit. Ask help from them. 

Important reminder: Avoid all whites, jeans and white tops for everybody. Don’t wear the same exact coloured outfits for everyone. It is best to colour coordinate and complement. It actually looks good in your captured maternity shots. 

Don’t Stress 

Never stress yourself. It’s easier said than done. 

If you’re camera-shy, a maternity photoshoot might be stressful for you. 

Ease Your anxiety. 

Talk to your partner. Express your feelings. Your photographer understands as this happens sometimes. Might as well meet up with them first before the session. 

Once relaxed, proceed with the photo session. Being relaxed helps you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. 

Most professional maternity photographers are great in making their clients relaxed. They also know which poses are the most comfortable for you. 

Best Ideas for Creative Maternity Photoshoot

Capturing maternity shots does not only require timing. There are other factors to consider. Here is a compilation of best maternity photo ideas to help you. 

Seek Out Unusual Backdrops

Start your photo session with a location. Look for natural parks near you. Nature always provides the best backdrop and lighting in any photoshoot.

Get your Partner in the Picture

If you’ll enter the parenthood world with a partner beside you, tag them along. Share your excitement in the photoshoot. 

Try Different Poses

To look good in your maternity photoshoots, you must be flexible and comfortable to different poses. You may use nearby props and furniture instead of just standing and smiling in front of the camera. 

Play with Perspective

Experiment with fresh maternity photo ideas. Discuss your unique style with the photographer. Ask if it can be executed properly. 

Get The Right Timing

Lighting is the key to every photo shoot. It can make or break your maternity shots. Schedule your photo session at an optimal time of the day. Photographers capture a great moment during the golden hour. It comes shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. 

Go Close-up

Always have a few closeups with your tummy. After all, the baby bump is the reason for the photo session right?

Take Candids

Best shots are taken when candid. It does not always strike a pose during maternity photoshoots. Enjoy a heartfelt conversation and laughter with your partner. Candid shots are a great way to document your pregnancy. 

Brave the Bad Weather

It’s quite disappointing when the rain starts to fall during your shoot. Despite the inclement weather, it can lead you to amazing maternity photos. As long as you and your partner are safe, continue with the photo session. See how magical it would turn out to be. 

Shoot in the Studio

Natural settings for a maternity photoshoot looks good. Nevertheless, studio shots are captivating as well. It can be a total show-stopper when you use high-contrast black and white. Pose with elegance. 

Be a Homebody 

Super glamorous shots are taken outside. If you look for a more intimate feel, set up your maternity photoshoot in the comfort of your home. Set up a casual and cosy setting to capture emotional moments. 

How Much Does Maternity Photoshoot Costs?

Maternity photoshoot cost depends on your photographer. The length and area of the photo session is also a factor. 

Typically, a photo session will last up to two hours. It depends on your photoshoot ideas. If you want more details and poses, it might take longer. 

Also, a different rate is offered depending on location. Some photographers rate is cheaper compared to field set-up. But keep in mind that you are investing to capture a once in a lifetime memory.

Many may want cheaper costs but there is no guarantee that the photos will come out the way they want it to be. The heartbreaking part is, if you are not satisfied, you can’t bring back those days and do it again. The timing for maternity photoshoot is vital. As your delivery date comes, the less chance you can move freely and pose.

On the other hand, not all expensive maternity packages are the best. 

The costs do not tell you the outcome of the images. It is based on your photographer’s experience and skills. This is why you should choose your photographer well.

The cost of the photoshoot is still an important factor. However, you shouldn’t compromise the most important thing. It is to look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

Although good photography is expensive, bad photographs are more expensive. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and money for photos you don’t like right? Get it right the first time. Find a photographer with an amazing talent which is worth it.

Best Poses for Maternity Photoshoot Focusing on the Baby Bump 

Maternity photoshoot ideas are completely different. It all depends on your wish as a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is such a magical time. You definitely want to capture it in photos. It’s such an amazing feeling to look back at these shots as soon as you see your baby grow outside your womb. 

Choose which magical maternity photo ideas you prefer. It will definitely look good in your family album. 

Focus on the belly

Take a moment to capture the main hero of the photoshoot the Belly or Baby Bump. 

A lot of maternity photoshoot ideas focus on the baby bump.

A close-up photo with an emphasis on the belly and your hands is a great idea. Make it more dramatic through the effects of the light. 

Heart Hands

Express your undying love for your little one in this pose. Make heart hands in your baby bump. If your husband is with you, show the wedding ring. It emphasizes the family’s love, peace and understanding. 

Big Sister/Brother Bonding

If your baby has an older brother or sister, ask for their participation. Gather all the siblings in one frame. 

Your kids add an atmosphere of expectation. It looks harmonious in photographs, especially if their clothes are in the same style or colour.  

Simple Silhouette

This is one of the best maternity photo ideas ever. It is very suitable for personal shooting of a pregnant woman. 

To capture the silhouette, the photographer uses the beauty of light reflection. Take the shots in black and white. Sure enough, you can portray your emotions more deeply. 

Matching Outfits

Pick up the same clothes as your partner. Let’s say red t-shirts for dad and a red dress for mom. This illustrates your unity as a mother and father and the joy of joint expectations. You can choose matching prints as well.

Picture in the Studio

A photoshoot in the studio is not a bad choice. Professional lighting and camera are very accessible to your photographer. Proudly show off your baby bump to make the photo session successful. 

Take Some Candids

If you want to look good in your maternity photoshoot, don’t rely too much on plot and poses. Rest is a must. Let your photographer capture candid moments. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful these shots are. It can show what a loving relationship and family comfort awaits your baby. 

With Letter Board

This style has been running for years now. Make some funny writings on the letter board. Hold it with your partner. Your future kid can read the messages on the board when they grow up. 

Have Fun with Florals

Express your feminine side. Wear wreaths and floral elements as your hairstyle. Always choose soft shades of petals. It gives out an atmosphere of tenderness in photographs. 

Compare Bellies

This maternity shoot idea requires your partner. You may include your children if there’s any. Take a picture with your bellies together. You may write what’s inside your tummy. This idea results in a sincere and lively shot. 

Father Kissing the Belly 

This might be a typical idea, but it actually works. It is such a simple gesture that shows warm feelings, love and support. If you have older kids, ask them to join the photoshoot. It’s like a family photo while your baby is still inside your tummy. 

Before and After 

One of the most difficult pregnancy photo ideas but a must-try. You’ll be impressed with the photograph. As much as possible, both photos should be similar. This includes clothes, hair, body movement, look, colour scheme, and the game of light and shadow. 

Black and White 

Nothing beats black and white. Feel the mood and atmosphere of this shot. Surprisingly, it expresses a tender and catchy shots for your pregnancy. 

Nude Style 

The boldest maternity photoshoot idea ever. Many expecting moms are interested however only a few are brave enough to pose. Your rounded tummy and naked body look incredibly extravagant in pictures. If you’re up to this, find a professional photographer who can do it. 

With Belly Drawing 

Don’t be too uptight on your photo session. Be jolly and humorous. Depending on your imagination, you can ask a skilled artist to draw on your belly. It can be a cartoon character, superhero or anything you like. 

Underwater Adventure

If your health and pregnancy condition permits, take an underwater session. Be a very beautiful mermaid while showing off your baby bump. It shows how natural, easy and feminine pregnancy look. This idea might be difficult but when done right, the result will be majestic. 

Do’s and Don’ts on your Maternity Photoshoot

Take note of these before you proceed on your scheduled maternity photoshoot.


  • Wear clothing you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s a long dress, flowy skirts and comfy momma pants, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re comfortable in it. 
  • Add textures and layers to look nice. It gives depth and details on your photo. 
  • Choose solid colours. Subtle patterns and solids are safer and the best. 
  • Coordinate with your significant other. Complementary colours and similar style will do. 
  • Iron your wardrobe. Remove lint and loose threads as well. 
  • Wear contact lenses or remove your eyeglasses. Your eyeglasses reflect on flash and nearby objects. 
  • Set hair appointments at least 2 weeks prior. 
  • Makeup: light application of non-SPF foundation, blush on, 
  • Trim and pluck eyebrows if needed. 
  • Use hairspray to tame your hair. 
  • Get your manicure and pedicure done. 


  • Clothes with fine and repetitive lines. It is difficult for the camera to register. 
  • Loud and fluorescent colours. It distracts your look in the photos. The colour will reflect on your face. 
  • Over-do accessories. Watches and bulky jewellery diverts attention. 
  • Brassier and Bra Straps. Hide it well on your outfit. 
  • Lips with frosts or glitters reflect on a light. Use shiny lip gloss instead. 
  • Eyeshadows with shimmer or glitter. Use black or brown eyeliner and mascara. 

Have fun with your maternity photoshoot ideas. Be creative and comfortable at all cost. For sure, you’ll have radiant photos to reminisce once your baby is out. Remember these tips on how to look good in your maternity photoshoot. 

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