Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

Yehey! Your baby is turning one.  It’s time to book a cake smash photography in Melbourne

The first year of your child’s life is like a roller coaster ride. 

There are ups and downs, moments like sleepless nights. 

But hey! It’s part of growing up. 

What’s important is you enjoy the journey of parenting and capture every moment of it. 

Let all the messy stuff compiled in a photo album. This includes your child’s first birthday.

Step up your birthday preparation with a cake smash.

Don’t you have any idea? We’ll discuss it with you. 

Including the best ideas for cake smash photography.

Be prepared as we start to get messy. 

What is Cake Smash Photography?

A cake smash is where your child smash hit a cake while a photographer captures the moment. Save this pure joy and delight the emotions of your child. Hire professional photographers. 

Typically, a cake smash is done on your child’s first birthday. Talk to your chosen photographer on how to do it. If you have a suggestion, express it clearly. They are always open to new ideas. If none, they have creative ways to serve you. 

Take note that the photos taken are used as the party invites on your child’s birthday party. Send your family and friends a copy. Celebrate your child’s natal day with your loved ones. 

Amazing isn’t it? Record a remarkable milestone with your child. Make it more memorable. Learn the best ideas for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 

Best Ideas Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

Who says messy is beautiful?

Cake smash says so!

Especially if you take note of these best ideas for a cake smash. 

Use of Flat Surface for Messy Cake Smash

Your baby grew up feeding on a high chair. Now that he/she is about to turn one, let him/her explore more. 

A cake smash is such a messy shoot. That’s why a high chair is a big no-no.


It comes with minimal mess. 

Leave your baby’s high-chair behind. Look for a safe flat surface. What a great view to see a cake beside their toes. 

Moreover, a flat surface allows them free reign to make a mess. Basically it is the goal of cake smash photography. 

Keep Props Simple

A cake smash session in Melbourne is such a fun and exciting shoot. You can add up props to heighten up the vibe. But, don’t go overboard. 

Remember to keep your props simple. Or else, you’d end up with photos too busy once the cake is smashed. 

A simple background with only one or two props is enough. Even a backdrop and a cake will do. The key is to arrange your props strategically. You can have some close-up shots or wide angles. Explain to your photographer how you want it to look like. They can cover it up on different angles. 

Adding up props is inexpensive, even a piece of wall panelling can be used. It all depends on the style you prefer. 

Choose between a cake stand or candle holder, perfect for an over-sized cupcake. A pre-made banner with a bag of balloons is a brilliant idea. 

Always Colour Coordinate

Cake smash photography session can have a low key background with pops of colour. 

Select one specific item you’d like to coordinate. It can be a piece of headdress or a pair of socks worn for monthly photo sessions. Look for colours that can complement your chosen item. 

Also, pay attention to the cake colour frosting. Although a white cake frosting looks good, it’s quite difficult to photograph. White objects are more prone to become overexposed highlights. 

Ask your photographer which colour coordinates appropriately. They know what best suits your child cake smash photography. 

Schedule the Session

It’s not just a cake smash photoshoot session. There is an ideal timing required. 

Others make the cake smash on the first birthday party. However, it’s quite stressful on the child’s part. Anxiety builds up around many people. Photo capture is rushed. The mess is cleaned immediately so the party continues. 

Meanwhile, you can plan a cake smash session during the day. Most advisable before nap time. Why? This time has the best light. No pressure to finish the session abruptly. Your child has the time to savour and enjoy smashing the cake. The photographer can take numerous candid shots. 

It’s not necessary to have the cake smash on their actual birthday. You can have it done any time before their birthday. 

Child’s Perfect Exposure

Remember, your child is the star for this photoshoot. 

So before the cake comes in, take photos of the child creatively. Then, take quick photos of the cake and child. Make it fast. The moment the child lays eyes on the cake, he/she will instinctively smash it. 

Capture the moment, before, during and after the cake smash happens. This way, you’ll have memory stored in a picture. Your little one can see it ones he/she grew up. 

Minimum Photo Edits

Since cake smash photography is really messy, photo edits are not necessary. 

Frosting splotches are part of the memories. Don’t try to fix it. Raw shots are the best. Angle your camera so you can have all the moments captured. 

Your child’s first birthday is a big milestone. Spice it up with a cake smash photo session. Cell phone photos are nice but hiring a professional photographer is better. Bright and best ideas for cake smash photography await your child. 

Outfit for Cake Smash Photography in Melbourne

For your child’s cake smash photography, choose a comfortable outfit for him/her. 

Also, keep in mind how you’ll wash it afterwards. It’s messy right? No worries. You can always have it dry cleaned. 

Anyways, here is the list of outfit for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 


  • Romper 
  • Onesie
  • Bowtie Suit
  • Diaper cover with hat or necktie
  • Jumpsuit


  • Romper 
  • Tutu
  • Diaper cover and hat
  • Bodysuit
  • Onesie

Whatever attire you choose, make sure it’s comfy for your child. Don’t forget to choose a complimenting colour. It makes the photo session vibrant for your model. 

Cake Smash Guide for 1st Birthday

I know you’re overly excited on your child’s upcoming first birthday. Make it unforgettable by having the best cake smash. 

Make it more special by granting your child her first birthday cake smash. And since you’d like only the best for your child, only get the service of a professional baby photographer

Do it the right way. Follow these steps to avail the best ideas for cake smash photography in Melbourne, Australia. 

Choose the Right Cake

Plain old vanilla sponge cakes are the top choice. It’s easy for little hands to break up. 

Buttercream icing creates a perfect mess and fun factor. Pick an icing colour carefully. You wouldn’t want your child to look like a vampire with red icing. The brown colour will not look good either. 

Wear a Smashing Outfit

Get your child an attire that fits them. Remember, the photoshoot is messy so a Sunday best is not an option. 

Take this opportunity to find complementing colours on the background and cake. Remember, this will be on photos. Part of your family memories. Make it exceptional. 

Select the Right Set

The first choice is the baby photography studio

If you’re up to unique set up, you may do it at home. Play along with your place and get natural reactions from your child. The familiarity of the place adds up with their comfortability. 

You may also try an outdoor location. Make sure it’s safe. Discuss the right time with your photographer. Natural lights are considered. 

The Messier, The Cuter

Icing will be everywhere. Not just on the baby. That includes the clothes, locations and you. Yes, you! 

So, always bring spare clothes for everyone. Clean up is done after the shoot. Don’t stress yourself out since it is expected from the very beginning. 

Streamer And Balloons

Don’t overdo it. A baby and a cake are enough. But little props won’t hurt. 

Add a cute streamer to pop up the colour. Balloons keep your child engaged on the set. Make them smile the whole session. 

Sugar Introduction

The first year of your child is purely organic. Sugar is always a part of childhood. Introduce how sweet life can be with the smash cake on the first birthday. 

Trust me. It aids picky eaters. Your child definitely enjoys this photoshoot without faking it. 

Encourage The Fun

There are babies who can grasp the idea the moment they see the cake. While others are a bit lost. It’s a bit overwhelming for a child. 

Show them it’s all okay. They can get dirty with the icing, taste it, then move more and enjoy the session. 

Have Fun

Definitely the most important!

Celebrate your child’s first year of life carefree. Let you child enjoy the cake. He/she can have it any way he/she wants it. 

Don’t think too much about the cleanup. If a detail fails, don’t stress too much. Savour the moment while your child is still careless of what happens around.

Enjoy the fun filled photo session. Love every detail in it. Especially that cute little fingers and toes smothered with icing. You’re only a child once. Let your kid feel the love and freedom through this cake smash photography. 

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