Baby Photography Poses For Your Newborn’s First Photos

As first-time parents you would want to cherish every moment with your newborn baby. The tiny preciousness is too good to pass up. And there is nothing more adorable than innocent baby photography poses.

Your baby’s first photoshoot will remind you of the fleeting feelings. Moment and stories that connect you to the very first time you held him on your arms. When a baby is born, we see them grow too fast. We enjoy their milestone and proudly share them with loved ones. Wouldn’t it be perfect for your stories to come in lovely photos?

If this is your first time to work with a professional photographer for your baby’s photoshoot, don’t fret. I have prepared some guidelines you can use to plan your photoshoot.

To start off, here are some baby photography poses ideas you can choose:

Basic Baby Photography Poses Ideas

Swaddle or Wrapped Pose

Swaddled is one of the best and most innocent baby poses. The photographer will carefully wrap your baby in either in a blanket or flokati rug. To make it more memorable, you may use a blanket specifically made for your baby as a gift. You can also use the blanket passed along in your family from one firstborn to another. Wrapped pose also indicates the true meaning of “Bundle of Joy.”

Newborn Frog Pose

To highlight your baby’s face and flexibility, the newborn frog pose is one of the best baby photography poses ideas. The babies’ legs are on the side, while their hands are under and cupping the chin. This will show their innocent faces especially while asleep. They will look like thinking angels!

Tushy Up

Just imagine your baby is comfortably sleeping while enabling the photographer to highlight at least three angles on this pose. Through the Tushy up baby pose, the newborn photographer will capture the irresistible little baby fats, facial features and also the baby’s bottom.

Though there are parents who are not thoroughly comfortable with this pose, it’s up to you whether to pick this pose or choose from other selections of this baby photography poses ideas list I have prepared for you.

Simple Side Lying Pose  

To have this baby photography pose, you must ensure that the baby is sleeping soundly, so you won’t have a hard time slowly pushing them on one side. Allow your baby to rest on one sidearm. Then, let his legs cross naturally.

Full-Length Back Pose

One of the basic baby photography poses ideas, that require the photographer and you as the parents to work together and to have patience. In order to achieve the full-length back pose, put the baby’s both hands on top of their chest while leaning back to the bed or into the fur cloth.


There is nothing more in this world than to have close-up cute baby poses for photography you can keep to remind you precious moments with your little one. Cute baby poses for photography are true works as a stress reliever for parents, especially to first-timers. 

You will forever remember the late nights’ diaper change and feeding. Parenthood is more changeling than you can imagine! Let that cute baby poses for photography ease your stress away. They will remind you to be grateful that you have been blessed with a little angel in your arms.

Expressive Baby Photography Poses 

Taco Pose

Do you remember how you cover those beef and veggies in a taco? Well, the difference between the Taco pose and the tacos, you can eat the latter. Kidding aside, taco pose is one of the comfortable baby photography poses ideas you can choose. Whereas this is safer than the Newborn Frog Pose, Taco pose pulls the back leg of your baby to the elbow whilst allowing those tiny little fingers to rest on the head.

Chin on Hands

This is probably one of the cutest when it comes to the baby first photoshoot, the chin on hands pose is more like baby fell asleep while thinking what lies ahead of him in the future. Though this might be hard to achieve if he’s awake for the baby first photoshoot, this is an ideal and cute baby poses for photography to both genders.  

Just the Toes

Similar to close-ups cute baby poses for photography, you might want to have just the toes pose to capture every little detail about him including his toes. Parents can also pose with their baby first photoshoot through just the toes pose by simply holding your baby’s feet to allow the newborn photographer in Melbourne to get a winning and more meaningful shot of Just the Toes pose.

Cuddly Toys

If you don’t know which of these baby photography poses ideas you should choose, cuddly toys pose is a classic attribute for newborns. As babies love stuffed toys and when they are not in the mood, parents always give them stuffed toys to play with, and why not include those helpful toys as props?

Newborn Poses Ideas with Parents

Facing Each Other

This is pretty common when taking your baby first photoshoot with the fam bam. All you have to do is face one another while the father holds the baby. This pose represents a natural and happy life of a couple blessed with a baby.

The Cradle Hold

One of the favourites of mothers when it comes to newborn poses with parents ideas. This is simply a mother hugging their tiny little angel, mom is free to choose whether she’d like to hold the baby’s legs, kiss the nose, or even touch the hair.

Keep the Heads Close

Newborn baby with mum pose photography

If you want more sweet photos during your baby first photoshoot, keep the heads close pose is more ideal. One of the parents is holding the baby tightly as they all keep their hands and head really close with each other. The mum can also lay down with baby.

How Should Babies Pose on Their Stomach

Sleeping Baby – one of the natural newborn photography poses to add up to your collection. 

To achieve this pose, you must ensure that the baby is sleeping soundly and slowly let their hands rest on their chest or on their stomach.

When You Should Take Newborn Pictures

To have your baby first photoshoot 5 days after giving birth is not advisable. Your baby should be at least 2 weeks old before reserving a slot with the best professional baby photographer

It’s more practical to have your baby first photoshoot between 10 to 15 days after he was born, as this stage, the baby tends to sleep longer and don’t mind being unclothed. Babies who are 10 to 15 weeks old are much suitable to comply with your preferred baby photography poses ideas. 

To have a less-hassle photoshoot session, it’s highly recommended to scout for professional and reliable photographer 1 week prior to your due date to avoid incidents like fully-booked sessions or to get only those last-minute photoshoot sessions.

Is it safe to take photos of newborns?

Capturing the newborn’s tiny preciousness is what I do best over the years. To provide an answer to this question proficiently, allow me to explain whether is it safe for newborns or not thoroughly. 

YES, it is safe to take photos of newborns, to have a new member of the family is what makes life more meaningful and brings more wonderful moments, especially to the parents. The safety of every newborn that comes in my newborn photography studio is my utmost priority to the extent that I had completed necessary and more advanced training in Newborn Posing Safety. 

To ease your worries away, I am also a nurse and CPR provider, rest assured that to have your baby first photoshoot with me is securely safe.

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