How to Choose a Newborn Photographer

Bets tips to choose your newborn photographer.

Babies possess the innocence and purity that translates very well on camera. Even the slightest movements of their lips as they gently suck their thumb and that sudden little smile they’ll flash. As parents, there is no greater sight than your new bundle of joy adorably posed and photographed. This is why you should know how to choose your newborn photographer.

Babies are the cutest subject to take photos, but probably the hardest model there is. 

Cluster feeding, colic baby, light sleeper newborns are some of the dilemmas you may encounter during the newborn photography session. Find a newborn photographer in Melbourne who is patient, passionate and can work well with your baby’s demand.

In line with this, due to the advancement of technology, the surge of newborn photographers in Melbourne is rapidly increasing. Among the numbers of professionals photographers, how do you choose the right newborn photographer in Melbourne for you?

I have prepared a detailed guide you can use to find a newborn photographer.

Tip 1: Choose a newborn photographer that prioritise your baby’s safety.

Newborn safety should be the top priority by all newborn photographers. Sometimes, inexperienced photographers get “too creative”, they get carried away that they forget how fragile babies are. Choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne with proper training in handling newborns.

Find someone who has a background in the medical field or experienced with newborns and young babies. The photographer must know how to provide CPR in a worst-case scenario. You can save your baby’s life more time if the photographer knows how to conduct infant CPR when needed to. The traveling time from the photographer’s studio up to the nearest hospital can be crucial for your newborn’s health.

It is important that you choose a vaccinated newborn photographer to protect your babies from any diseases. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control) highly requires anyone who is around newborns to be fully vaccinated, including whooping cough vaccine.

Want peace of mind? Always choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne with a Newborn Posing Safety training.

Tip 2: Find a photographer in Melbourne with lots of creative juices!

Can’t find the ideal photographer in Melbourne for you? Always go to a photographer with a creative mind. You must take note that anyone with a camera can take photos. But it takes to be a professional newborn photographer to produce photos that you will love, proud of and treasure forever.

To be a creative newborn photographer, one does not necessarily mean utilising all the available props in the market during your photo session. The photographers skills and talents in using the lightings, angels and keen eyes for details count more than expensive gadgets.

If you want to ensure your investment to a newborn photographer in Melbourne, look at the sample of their works which usually available in their website portfolio or their social media page.

Tip 3: Ask the newborn photographer about the props and lights

There are two types of lighting that can be used during the newborn portrait session. It’s either natural light or the studio light. These two different lights are essential. Parents should be aware that these types of lights can provide different looks. Moreover, fluffy blankets, adorable hats, baskets, wraps, furs, and wooden crates are just some of the must-have props. But the best photographer will choose the props that are both stylish and safe.

It’s also safe to ask the newborn photographer how often does he/she clean the props. Get to know where the props have been made and if they are safe to use.

Tip 4: Style in taking photos

Depending on your preference and sometimes certain conditions might caused you not to be able travel to the newborn photography studio. It’s always best to check the photographers’ portfolios. Checking the photographer’s portfolio can give you a glimpse on how they handle the newborn portrait session.

Once you checked on their websites and you finally shortlisted your favourites, You can request to Meet the newborn photographer in person before you decide to book your photography session. Share your ideas about your baby’s photo session. It is best to do the consultation before you give birth. This gives your photographer enough time to prepare for newborn photoshoot and accommodate your requests.

Adding to that, you can choose more styles the earlier your baby gets a photoshoot. This is because newborns are more flexible in their first few days of life.

Posed Newborn Photography VS Lifestyle Newborn Photography Style

The posed newborn photography style is more of a traditional way of taking photos of the newborn. Whereas, shots are mostly portraying the baby asleep with or without too many props on it.

While the lifestyle newborn photography style gives much more relax environment during the newborn photo session, because they are often done in clients’ respective homes. Lifestyle newborn photography usually don’t use as many props or poses. They may capture candid moments with you as the parents, and siblings.

Tip 5: Choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne that offers flexible payment methods

Who doesn’t get frustrated when you accidentally left your wallet at home? Sometimes, parents tend to unintentionally forget to bring their cash. This is because they get used to cashless payments with their credit cards. To prevent such a situation, it’s highly recommended to find a newborn photographer which offers flexible payment methods.

There is nothing that a newborn photographer in Melbourne cannot do to make their clients feel more comfortable. They give convenience as much as possible. Choose a newborn photographer who accepts payment in cash, using a credit card and or transferring funds through PayPal.

To choose a newborn photographer with flexible payment methods, rest assured that your newborn photography session will definitely go smoothly.

Often times as parents we want to have it all, the beautiful album box or the big and stunning wall arts you would like to display at your precious home. It’s not fun and disappointing when current financial situation will make you missed the opportunity to purchase what you love. Fortunately some photographers partnered with 3rd party company to give your the best service they can where you can pay the fee in part through payment instalments such as PayRight.

The Difference in Hiring a Newbie and Professional Photographer

Consider these facts:

I get it, some parents need to work with their budget, and it’s very tempting to just hire a Newbie newborn photographer. Often they offer you a budget-friendly price and save more $$, and sometimes a newbie newborn photographer in Melbourne can also provide some freebies to gain your trust.

Something is better than nothing. If you opted to go with not so experienced newborn photographer, please make sure you choose a photographer that will prioritise your newborn’s safety.

Usually this goes by “you get what you paid for”. There are reasons why some photographers charged what they charge to be a sustainable and profitable business. Professional Newborn Photographers spent countless efforts, time and money to perfect their craft and skills. Often times you can see from their work and the quality of work and props they are using for their clients. Some of business expenses like insurance and legalities and be prepared when the bad day comes. On the other hand New Photographers and are not specialised in newborn photography are still working on their portfolios and still learning the ropes of the work itself and often times their work is not always consistent.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to hire a professional newborn photographer in Melbourne, you will get an assurance that you can reach her anytime you’d like to request for the hard copies of your newborn photos. In addition to that, an experienced photographer has years of working with different clients including newborns, pregnant women, and families with different cultures which means, an experienced photographer is more versatile than the newbies. You won’t have the difficulty in keeping open communication with them.

How Much is the Newborn Photographer’s Fee?

This is a common question of every client before booking with a newborn photographer in Melbourne. It really depends on the qualifications and years of experience of a photographer, and sometimes it varies greatly by region or country. Good thing, some of the newborn photographers in Melbourne offer packages that are good for parents who need to follow a strict budget policy within the family.

Photographers can increase their professional fee depends on the demand of a client, but it’s advisable to choose a newborn photographer in Melbourne that offers reasonable rate but with excellent photography services. Remember that you are investing on mementos and family heirloom that you and your generations to come will treasure.

And Lastly, Have fun

Preparing for your newborn portrait session is part of the fun of welcoming your newest bundle of joy on earth side. So enjoy the process, choose the photographer who jives with your vision and gets your ideas. Hopefully these tips for choosing a newborn photographer will help you to find the best newborn photographer in Melbourne that suits your needs.

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