Cool Ways To Announce Pregnancy

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Pregnancies have never been more fun, and what better way to announce pregnancy than hiring a maternity photographer to do a photo shoot?

Enjoyable and awesome pregnancy announcements, creative maternity photo shoots, and artistic gender reveals are just some of the excitements expectant parents look forward to, well other than welcoming the baby itself.

No one can really pinpoint who, when, and where these “fads” when it comes to pregnancy started, but no one’s complaining. Pregnancy is such an incredible journey not only for the expectant parents to enjoy but for the family members and friends as well. 

Who should know first?

If you can’t wait to shout to the world the big news that is your pregnancy, make sure you have informed the most important people in your life first. Telling them personally is and will always be the best choice than them finding out on Facebook or Instagram, the same time your nosy co-worker knew. Obviously, your partner should be the first to know about the blessing coming into your lives. Tell him right away, with or without any gimmick, your partner will surely be over the moon. 

Cool Ways To Announce Pregnancy

With social media being present in our daily lives, looking for pregnancy announcement ideas is at your fingertips. Here are some cool ideas that are worthy to be shared on different social media platforms.

Partnering with a maternity photographer

For sure, a professional maternity photographer has had enough experience with pregnancy announcements that she already knows the ins and outs of such events.

Fun photoshoots will always be the top choice for expectant parents to share their big news with everybody. Creative photoshoots that reflect the parents’ personality will make your photos stand out. For example, a chef can choose a baking theme that says Bun in the Oven!”. Music lovers can say, “Rockin’ a chair in March 2020!” 

Only child status is expiring soon!

For those couples who are pregnant with their second babies, another cute idea is to have their eldest child hold a banner that says, “Only child status expiring soon!” This way, your first child will also feel excited and involved in the coming of the new baby. 

Christmas Cards

Family Christmas cards are also an excellent way to announce the new kicker in your tummy. A new baby on the road will add more warmth and joy to the already festive season.

Matching Shirts

Personalized matching items are also a big trend nowadays. From a couple shirts to couple watches, everybody loves them. So why not have a customized shirt that says Baby Coming Soon December 2020. Have them printed on your favourite coloured shirt and do an on the spot photoshoot or you can go to your favourite photographer to take your photos. You may opt to have a carefree photoshoot or a polished and themed one, depending on your taste. 

Announcement Party

Parties have always been fun, but announcing a new baby doubles the feeling of elation. Set up a party with your favourite food, drinks, and people. You can also prepare exciting games for your family and friends to enjoy and relax. This will not just be an announcement party but also a bonding moment for everyone to relish and reconnect. 

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